LISTEN: Seluah – Experiment in Horror

I remember the earliest Seluah material fondly, a weird pastiche of synths and dub sounds, drum machines and baroque voicing like Portishead and The For Carnation had a baby that only listened to Angelo Badalamenti. At the time that I first heard them, I was in a band that practiced upstairs from them in what I am fairly certain was an abandoned candy factory downtown, and seemed at times to be as creepy as that description. Fitting then that the newest from Seluah maintains that same kind of haunted tension, a dark and sultry vibe that seems made specifically for the soundtrack to True Detective, or like something that Laura Palmer would listen to if she were in a dirty dive bar on cocaine.

There is an edge to this that was so missed on their previous record, which saw the band exploring a post-rock vibe honed here to perfection. The music on “Experiment in Horror” slinks and shimmers like one too many beers in a cheap and darkened bar lit only by the cold glow of neon. It’s that evocative a listen too, the sort that forces a mental picture into your brain that won’t go away. You can practically hear the distant clack of billiard balls and clink of glasses and blithe laughter. Seluah are on fire lately and the appropriately named “Phase III” is a revelation.

Check out their first single from Karate Body below and tell us what you think. Or just go drink some whisky and think about how you fucked up.