REVIEW: Sloe Pink & Dr. Dundiff – “27 Club”

Sloe Pink & Dr. Dundiff
27 Club

Writing and podcasting for Never Nervous is my third job. I have one job where I die slowly every day helping people finance their college career. My second job (like Never Nervous this one is a labor of love) is laying down bass tracks for hip-hop beats. I probably don’t need to tell you that my time is precious to me, because like everyone else I like being able to chill. Sometimes writing for Never Nervous turns out to be a laid back release of sorts; this is one of those times.

27 Club, the debut release from Sloe Pink and Dr. Dundiff is a head-bobbing cruise through the city on a warm summer night, no worries. Just chill. The lyrics are often much deeper than that cruise with lines like, “I should just fuckin’ kill myself, become someone else.” The feeling of the album, however, is much lighter. This is due to both Sloe’s delivery and Dr. Dundiff’s classic hip-hop approach to beat-making.

The beats on this album are just cool. Yea… “cool” doesn’t seem very descriptive, but listen to the album and you will understand. Like when you hear the swing in the drums on “Lost in the Snow,” fighting with the flow of the lyrics and the samples on top of it. Everything in this song seems like it’s a hair away from falling apart, which is why it sounds so perfect when it never does.

Another standout track is “Five Sevenths.” This is another song where the beat has a swing that almost sounds like it doesn’t fit. It does though, and it just makes the song that much more interesting. Add to that the fact that Sloe absolutely kills it on this one; this is by far his most emotional performance on the album.

The best part about this album is that it feels like one complete piece of art. Every song fits with the one before it and the one after it, which rarely happens in music anymore. 27 Club is a skillful and unified work of art. That’s why I will be listening to it all summer long, because like Sloe says in “Suicide Note,” “Living life is a waste of my time, but at least I got time to waste on BULLSHIT!” Who am I kidding? I gotta get to the studio.

Listen to 27 Club below: