WATCH: Sketches: Dr. Dundiff

The more I hear from Dr. Dundiff, the more I like what he has to offer. This is only more so after watching Sketches, a brief documentary short about musicians, which features Dundiff in their premiere. Am I sufficiently hyped for the impending release of Page of Cups, his EP with Touch AC? You’d better fucking believe it. In fact, I cannot more highly recommend the good Doctor’s album “Frenemies With Benefits,” which was a wise addition to my iPod playlist “Best Hip-Hop,” since, you know, it really is. Dundiff’s sound is like a young Madlib, or an untethered Prefuse 73, kinetic and frenetic while somehow keeping just enough composure to seem effortless. Dear Warp or Stones Throw: sign this dude now while you can.

This video series seems promising. Directed by Landon Antonetti, the imagery is simple and shows the artist in his or her environment, doing whatever it is that they do best. In the case of Dundiff, it’s drinking, smoking, and making some fantastic beats on hardware. It’s interesting to hear insight into the difficulties found in producing, and there’s a lot to chew on here, even though it’s pretty short. The good news is that you can expect even more of this going forward, as Antonetti plans on making this a regular, monthly series. So we’ll all have a nice monthly visitor now. You’re welcome for that joke.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think. Be sure to check out the Page of Cups release show tomorrow night at the Highlands Taproom. I’ve heard the album already (because I’m special and shit), and it is fucking boss, so you’ll need to bring some cash for that hot, hot merch, and probably dust off your walkman, since it’s a tape. It’s an awesome one though.

SKETCHES: Dr. Dundiff from Landon Antonetti on Vimeo.