PODCAST: Thommy Browne Chats About Bands He’s Played In and His Love of Dominos.com!

Our guest for the ninth episode of the Never Nervous Podcast is none other than Thommy Browne, who over the years has played drums in quite a few notable punk and hardcore bands. He’s been a member of Enkindel/The Enkindels, By the Grace of God, Black Cross, Automatic, and Ritual Void to name a few. Aside from being a fine drummer, he’s also a fine human being and truly a pleasure to be around.

Listen below as the Never Nervous dudes and Thommy Browne engage in thought-provoking conversation spanning a number of subjects including a few of his former bands, his undying love of pugs, and how fantastic the ordering process is at Dominos.com! This episode may or may not be sponsored by Grippos.

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