WATCH: Coliseum – “Dark Light of Seduction”

I absolutely love the current direction of Coliseum. That hardcore fury is still there, but tempered now by a quiet seething, like a Rites of Spring as filtered through Wire or The Cure. For my money, I’d rather here a band evolve and grow with their influences rather than to stagnate on the idea of what they think their constituency wants, and that seems to be what Coliseum is doing here. Think Fugazi not Weezer, in terms of evolution, where each record seem to build towards the next in a natural progression, rather than a trite retread of what came before in a hollow bid to push record sales. My hats off to Coliseum for forging that path and doing something that makes sense to their catalog.

The video matches that slinking dark tone admirably. A black and white video, the narrative seems to be of some sort of psychological horror, a la Jacob’s Ladder or Session 9; it’s not what you see, it’s what you don’t. In fact, this is the kind of stuff my nightmares are made of, a vague empty house that seems perhaps more familiar than it should, with shifting, ephemeral architecture, and dust from vacancy and time elapsed un-used. It’s a nice companion piece to a song mired in that same kind of murky gloom, at least tonally speaking. Check it out below.