REVIEW: All Wool and Yard Wide’s self-titled debut

All Wool and Yard Wide
All Wool and Yard Wide

All Wool and Yard Wide’s self titled album is as trippy as the cover indicates. When the cover of an album has a woodsy evil genie with blank eyes, one can assume something out of the ordinary is on the inside. It’s a pleasure to see the cover be an accurate visual of the music it accompanies, so kudos to All Wool and Yard Wide for that.

Cover art aside, this album is really intriguing. It’s spacey and soft, reminiscent of groups like Pink Floyd and David Bowie at times. The one constant is that the vocals and the piano drive what is happening. It’s as if Ben Folds took acid on mars and came back with four other dudes.

If you are the type of person who may get bored easily, I recommend listening to these tunes in reverse. Start on the last song of the album and work your way back to the first. The album ends heavier and faster. Although those last two songs “End of Day” and “Ground Control” are my favorite on the album, they made me like the first three even more. “End of Day” is a particularly catchy tune. It’s a great combination of pop sensibilities mixed with ambient sounds and great lyrics. What more can you ask for?

Listen to All Wool and Yard Wide’s self titled album below: