MOVIE MONDAYS: Modern Marvill Reveals his True Feelings on Superman Movies and his Worst Theater Experience Ever!

Photo of Modern Marvill by Janna Klinglesmith

Hip hop trio Shadowpact have quickly become one of Louisville’s finest attractions, and apparantly they’re just getting started. They’ve got a new EP called Stone The Crows on the way set to be released sometime this Summer. This effort will serve as the follow up to their fabulous album The Narrative from last year. We at Never Nervous Headquarters are incredibly impatient and can’t wait to get our grubbey hands on this thing. It’s cool, we’ll wait, even if waiting sucks. In the meantime, do as I’m doing right now by listening to the killer single they dropped earlier this year called “Miami Vices” below.

Modern Marvill serves as 1/3 of Shadowpact, and if you’ve listened to these guys, you’ve more than likely heard a pop culture reference or two. I’d qualify them as unofficial experts on the subject. Because of this, he seemed to be the obvious perfect dude to talk movies with, so we reached out, and because he’s such a nice guy, he graciously accepted..

Never Nervous: So what’d you think of The Avengers: Age of Ultron? What did you like about it? (without spoilers, of course) 

Modern Marvill: In short, it was fantastic. I enjoyed almost every aspect of it. I thought for sure that they improved upon the first Avenger film. One of the things that stuck out for me that I really enjoyed was the emphasis that they put on Hawkeye as a character. You never really saw him as an equal to the other Avengers in the first film, but with this one they really gave Jeremy Renner the reigns and explored some of his backstory and it really felt important. Also, I was impressed at how well they handled The Twins, Vision and Ultron. It’s about everything you would expect from a Marvel Comic film, plus more. If you’re a fan of superhero flicks, and especially if you have been keeping up with the Marvel film universe, I defiantly recommend it.

NN: Tell us about the last movie that you absolutely fell in love with, whether it be new or old. What was so good about it?

MM: Ironically enough, literally the day before I saw Avengers, I went with a couple of my co-workers to see Ex Machina, and I very much fell in love with it. The trailers looked interesting, seemed like a decent science fiction film, but I wasn’t too sure what to expect from it beyond that. So when the credits hit, and I just sat there, pondering over everything that happened in the film, and discussing it with my co-workers the whole ride home, I knew I had just watched what could possibly turn into a cult classic for the next generation. For those who aren’t familiar it’s a film about artificial intelligence, and what it means for an AI to transition over to becoming something more human like in nature. Very well written, very well directed, awesome score, suspenseful plot and the acting was top notch. Oscar Issac was the stand out performer I thought, and after seeing him in this and Inside Llewyn Davis, I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table for Star Wars Episode 7 and X:Men Apocalypse.

NN: Can you think of one Superman movie that doesn’t suck? Defend your answer!

MM: I might get some heat for saying this, but honestly, of the Superman films I’ve seen, I think the one that I enjoyed the most was Man Of Steel. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the Christopher Reeves ones for the most part, and I watched them growing up so he will always be the iconic Clark Kent/Superman for me- but Man Of Steel brought new life into the character that I felt was way overdue. Superman Returns was a huge let down, so when Man Of Steel came along, I felt it did the character justice and told the Superman story that should have been told a long time ago. Superman never really was all that interesting, at least in the cinematic universe, and with the dark tone and less goofy plot, along with the directing, acting and that ending that keeps comic book fans debating to this very day- I think Man Of Steel really made Superman relevant again. Also, regardless of the not so fantastic teaser trailer, and all the other controversy surrounding the film, I am still super pumped for Dawn Of Justice, and hold high hopes. I mean, who wants a film to be terrible, you know?

NN: What are your thoughts on the upcoming Terminator: Genisys movie?

MM: Emilia Clarke is not only attractive with blonde hair, she is also attractive as a brunette. That’s all my thoughts on it honestly. I’ve only seen the first two Terminator films, quite awhile ago. I’ve never been the biggest Terminator fan, to be truthful. Arnold Schwarzenegger is pretty badass though, and the liquid metal Terminator in the second one, played by Agent Doggett (Er, I mean, Robert Patrick) was super cool. No interest in the new one, however.

NN: Can you think of a movie where the soundtrack is actually better than the film itself?

MM: I recently saw a horror movie that was critically acclaimed, entitled It Follows, and the soundtrack was just about the only thing I liked from it. Not sure how it got such rave reviews, I absolutely hated it, but the soundtrack was awesome. Very “80’s slasher flick” synth and organ heavy score, and it was all synced to the scenes in the most perfect moments. If Shadowpact ever releases and ode to slasher flicks EP, I’ll see if Artemis can sample the whole soundtrack.

NN: Before you go, talk about the worst movie theater experience you’ve ever had. What went wrong? What movie were you watching?]

MM: Worst experience by far was at Dixie Dozen. It was my first and last time seeing a movie there. I usually go to Preston 16, but for some reason I was out in the area with some time to kill. It was way back in 09 I believe, I went to see Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno (I really liked Borat and Ali G, so I thought, why not?) and it was a nightmare. Throughout the first 20 minutes of the movie, there was a “not super loud but prominent enough to be incredibly annoying” buzzing sound behind the audio of the movie. I think at first, people in the theater were wondering if this was just a part of the film, but after so much time passed, im guessing some one finally told an employee about it, and the screen went black. Then, they restarted the movie. From the beginning. So we all re-watched the first 20 minutes. I guess they had an audio cord incorrectly hooked up to the projector or something, I don’t know. Add on to that that the movie was not very good and the theater was sticky and dirty and you have an unsatisfied Marvill.