BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Murder By Death, Morning Teleportation & Twin Limb Join Forces to Celebrate Oaks/Derby!

Morning Teleportation zombifies the audience with lasers!

I don’t really give a shit if you care about The Kentucky Derby, but considering the fact that you are reading this, you probably at least enjoy listening to and watching bands play music, and DING DING that’s what I’m hear to talk about. Last night the folks behind Do502 put on a kickass Oaks/Derby Eve party at Headliners featuring a trio of fantastic bands: Murder By Death, Morning Teleportation, and Louisville’s own Twin Limb

I started off the evening drinking Four Roses and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with good friends. We made it to Headliners just in time to watch Twin Limb perform a flawless set from start to finish. Seriously though, their live shows are as close to perfection as I’ve heard, as they play their songs without error and the quality of sound is fucking superb. They sounded great outside at Gonzofest, and managed to have the same awesome sound indoors. Watch a video I was able to take of them playing their #1 hot track “Long Shadow” below:

Next up was Bowling Green’s psychedelic rock and roll ensemble Morning Teleportation. They were fun to watch as they blasted through an energetic set decorated with a laser light show. Those damned things put me into a trance-like state of mind. Watch a video I took of the band playing below:

The closer was Murder By Death, and while I’ve never been particularly into this band, I must say I had a pretty damned good time watching them play. Watch a video I took of them playing below:

I wish I had more time to elaborate on how awesome last night was, but hopefully those videos help.  Moving forward, today is the god damn Derby, and whether you like it or not, it can be a good time if you aren’t bad at life.  Embrace it!  Have a drink somewhere!  Eat awesome foods!  Bet on something!  Don’t be boring!  Headhunt D-list celebrities! Or don’t, that’s fine, too.

CLOSING STATEMENT: In case you were wondering what I did when the show was over, I drank beer and ate fried food at The Back Door, because that’s what you do in Louisville at 1AM.