LISTEN: Twin Sister Radio Cure Your Monday Blues!

Like a lot of folks, my Monday has been particularly busy, which has kept me preoccupied from the writing or music listening that I so often find myself attending to. As a result, I’ve listened to the same Twin Sister Radio song over and over again -one of two released in advance of their impending album- and I have to say, this really holds up to repeated listens. That kind of plodding Kraut-rock inspired angularity is ever-present on “Snake Eat Rats,” albeit reimagined as a strange sort of fuzzed out blues. The end result kind of shuffles along like a curious zombie, which I have to imagine is exactly how we all feel going into our respective jobs after the end of every weekend, especially one so glorious as this last one. It’s nice outside, which is in and of itself a celebration, but it’s also Derby, and a *ahem* dubious holiday on this particular day, that probably has a lot of folks not quite paying attention to details. And this track is perfect for that kind of shambling malaise that comes with showing up to work on a day you don’t want to. You can listen below and know what I mean.

The perfect counterpoint to that though, is “Into the Flames,” which certainly has a lot more drive than the former. This is an aptly named track that would be rock solid for jogging. The beat is steady and incessant, like you can imagine an endless row of things moving in the background a la an 8-bit nintendo game in perpetuity. I can just see that kid from Punch-Out hustling to this song, and then facing super-powered boxers. What a bunch of bullshit, by the way, that you’re some scrub kid that fights teleporters and shit. But I digress. Twin Sister Radio have the perfect cure for your extreme Garfielding of today, something to put a little pep in your step. This is really wonderfully driving music that is incredibly easy to listen to. You can check that out below.