REVIEW: Dathon – “Abiogenetic”


Former Louisvillian Corey Lyons dropped an album on Tuesday under his ambient nerd moniker Dathon. Seriously, this makes the second Star Trek: TNG reference that Lyons has used as a band name, which I think officially gives him more geek cred than I have, and I feel like I’m doing pretty well. I mean, shit, I have more than a thousand trade paperbacks, but I still haven’t named two consecutive bands after Star Trek, so I guess I’m not doing it right.

You may recognize his name as having played with Louisville titans Bodyhammer, or maybe even from his earlier work with Sister Helen Prejudice. Since skipping town, Lyons has kept busy with his noise band Millions, indie rockers La Forge, and most recently with Bob Genghis Khan, his improv project, which also had a recent release. If you visit Dreamland on April 24th, you may even happen to hear Lyons play in another improv duo that may or may not (or will) include someone currently writing this sentence. In the meantime, you can check this out to get a taste of what he’s up to recently, a synthesis of years playing noise, indie, and prog influenced music as filtered through a load of effects.

Still does this have anything to do with his previous work? Only loosely. There is a found sound quality to the music that transcends just ambient music or meanderings, but not in a college-music-major-performance-thesis kind of way. There are snatches of Ennio Morricone guitar under a shimmering blanket of metallic and almost incidental sounds. This is incredibly meditative music, perfect for zoning out on a hot day. And it does need to be a hot day, as there is something inherently simmering about this music, like a scorching desert day, desolate and stripped bare to the minimum requirements of existence. You can listen to it below.