Help Support Dreamland and be a Hero!

Pictured above: Two horn bros carelessly whispering into the night.

Dreamland is a boss venue. It’s perfect for smaller, more intimate shows, or if you need the ego boost, for shows that will draw a moderate crowd in a larger venue. Then again, if you find it necessary to stoke your pride, you probably aren’t playing Dreamland, which caters primarily to the weirdo-side of Louisville music; that freak flag is already flying pretty high, you know. This is the place to visit if you want to check out music that’s on the cutting edge, a phrase I have no problem using here, as the sort of avant-garde experimentation is part and parcel to the scene found herein. There is a love of all things strange, a kind of audiophile that transcends the love for music in an exploration of the sound that comprises the notes. If you want microtonal oddities, haunting dance companies, or next level jazz, Dreamland is your place.

The venue has hosted countless bands, some more traditional like Dead Rider or Skull Defekts (one of my favorite shows from 2014), or non-traditional acts like Sir Richard Bishop or Bitchin Bajas. Dreamland supports locals like Jaye Jayle or any of Jonathan Glen Wood’s thousand other wonderful projects; various bleep-bloppers that you might hear on City State Tapes (Shedding, Exacta Cube, Introvert); noise mutants like Tropical Trash; or even my own band Visiting Nurse, who have played here quite a few times. In fact, you can catch a show I’m playing there on April 24th performing as part of an improv duo with my friend Corey Lyons, Sutherland/Wood, and Cat Casual. We’re playing on a Friday the week after an incredible Improv Jazz Festival that starts tomorrow, April 16th and runs until Sunday, April 19th, featuring Trevor Watts & Veryan Weston, Wrest (feat. Jack Wright), the Ken Vandermark/Tim Barnes Duo, and Rob Mazurek’s Black Cube SP, listed sequentially and playing one per day. Just click this link for better details than my words allow this morning.

They need your help. I cannot express to you how unique a place this is, and how wonderfully I’ve been treated every time I’ve had the privilege to perform there or visit. Run by Tim Barnes, Dreamland is a labor of love meant as a platform for a listening public that wants more than just the run of the mill. It’s not only music, but live dance and film. I was fortunate enough to catch the Slint documentary there and it was the perfect spot to relax and catch a movie. If you want to see them do more of that, this is your opportunity to help support them. There have been so many venues in town to come and go, and Dreamland is unique in its vision to support the arts, and to serve as a curators to a community for such. In the 20 years that I’ve gone to shows, this is far to often rare, and here is the chance to help keep it up and running for years to come.

Check out this video below, and click this link to help out.