REVIEW: Blind Tigers – “Mosquito”

Blind Tigers
Gubbey Records

After a few listens to Mosquito it’s easy for me to conclude that Blind Tigers are exceptionally good at writing stripped down garage rock songs. This trio isn’t here to wow you with their guitar chops and drum solos, and for that we can all thank the maker. I’m not saying that this band isn’t technically proficient, it’s just nice to hear all substance with no filler, which is absolutely the case with Mosquito.

Dia Thompson’s voice is my favorite component to Blind Tigers. Her vocals take center stage thoughout Mosquito, serving as the perfect piece to decorate each song around. “Do or Die” is my favorite example, as the song starts off with mix of heavy guitar and pulsating bass and climaxes with a fabulous vocally driven chorus.  I also particularly enjoy “Turnin Up My Radio” which strangely reminds me of a JEFF the Brotherhood meets The B-52’s hybrid.  Without Fred Schneider, of course, because only Fred Schneider can be Fred Schneider.

Mosquito weighs in at a quick six songs all hovering around the three minute mark.  These songs get straight to the point, serving their purpose to the fullest. The format of this release happens to be cassette, a platform that continues it’s unforeseen resurgence to modern music.  Don’t have a tape player?  That’s ok, because each copy comes with a free digital download.  Also, I have to say that Kurt Dinse’s album art is pretty awesome.  It looks like a movie poster to a 50’s sci-fi B-movie. 

This is an easy release for me to recommend because I absolutely love it.  Pick your copy of Mosquito at one of Louisville’s fine record shops around town.

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