BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Gonzofest 2015 Featuring Twin Limb, Graffiti & 1200

VERDICT: Gonzofest ’15 gets the most awkward thumbs up of all time!

Considering that we hadn’t had the chance to attend Gonzofest in the past, we figured our first visit deserved special attention. This year’s festival was blessed with perfect weather and a friendly crowd, going hand in hand with the fabulous lineup of bands/musicians and delicious food from various vendors around town. Read on and watch as I talk about the highlights of our Gonzofest experience with words and amateur video.

Three bands/artists in particular were my personal selling point for Gonzofest: 1200, Graffiti, and Twin Limb. That’s not to say the other acts weren’t good, I just feel more of a connection to these three specifically. The first band we had the pleasure of watching was Twin Limb. They performed rather early in the day at 4PM, serving as our introduction to the festivities. The trio played an awesome set, and we were able to get video of one of their songs:

Psychedelic indie rock band Graffiti has developed a reputation for putting on a great show. Their performance at Gonzofest was no different, as they blasted through the majority of their latest release Evil EP and a few more. Watch a video I took of Graffiti playing their energetic toe-tapper “Evil”:

Watching rapper 1200 and his backing group perform gives me that bubbly feeling in my stomach that I felt when I first started going to punk shows, the kind of sensation I feel less and less the older I get. Every time I get to watch him play, his show gets bigger, as do the flocking crowds that continue to show up wherever he’s performing.  For 1200, Gonzofest was more of the same as he kicked out the jams the same way he always does, with energetic charisma and the usual swagger that we’ve all come to expect.  This dude is constantly on his game, and if you haven’t had the chance to see him, do yourself a favor and catch his next event. 

If you’ve seen 1200 in the past, you probably know that he always ends his song “OZ” with an orchestrated mosh pit, or as he calls it an “OZ Pit.”  Check out the video of what probably is the biggest “Oz Pit” yet:

Lastly, I made a video recap of the entire day from our perspective. Because why not, right? I had a great time with great people, the kind of day I certainly won’t forget.  Gonzofest ’15 served as the perfect way to usher in the new season, so I figured of course it deserves it’s own retrospective video.  Get the full effect of Gonzofest 2015 from the Never Nervous point of view: