LISTEN: White Reaper Have a New Single Streaming Called “Make Me Wanna Die”

Photo of White Reaper by Andy Morell

Since the release of last year’s self-titled EP, a lot of folks have been looking forward to the debut full-length from garage punk experts White Reaper, myself included. I’ve played the hell out of their last effort and am so ready for the next batch of songs to destroy my eardrums, which brings me to the reason I’m writing this post: White Reaper have announced the details of their new LP White Reaper Does It Again. The record was recorded by Kevin Ratterman at La La Land and will be released July 17th via Polyvinyl Records; preorder it here. In addition to the new record, they have a badass new shirt design that fans of the band will certainly get a kick out of.  The creepy cover art is also worth mentioning.  It’s a bit unsettling, but beautiful nonetheless:

The first single from this record is called “Make Me Wanna Die.” Picking up right where they left off on their self-titled EP, this song is more of the same fuzzed out, toe-tapping pop-rock that we’ve come to expect. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of another band playing this brand of infectious punk rock this particularly well. Check out the new track below: