LISTEN: Exacta Cube melt your brain with hot glitch action!

Pictured above: Exacta Cube are hacking your internets and rerouting your brain. Photo by Connor Bell.

At the moment that I write this, my brain does in fact feel melted, a bi-product of parenthood and bad dietary choices. It’s raining outside, giving off a distance hiss like a somber radio static, and I’m sipping coffee in a room too warm for such, hoping that I don’t doze off. Or maybe I should do that and call it a day, but I can’t because adulthood is a stone cold stunner that just doesn’t give a hot shit how you live. So instead I’m working my mental calisthenics by listening to the improv set laid down by Exacta Cube on Easter. I’m quite positive that you can hear the Resurrection Story manifested here, that the duo comprised of Nick Sturtzel and Dennis Stein are truly tapping into the spirit of Jesus rising from the grave to murder his oppressors, that is, until Daryl Dixon shows up.

So maybe I have the Easter Story a little off.

What I do hear is some fantastic and eminently listenable, if perhaps even a bit danceable, improvised beats. Exacta Cube work in what I once knew as IDM, a kind of incendiary and derisive genre description that condescends to its listener, but which I nonetheless identify as pertaining to acts like Autechre, Aphex Twin, or Richard Devine. Whatever you call this, there is more than a little trace of late-90’s/early-aughts Warp Records in the DNA of this music, which manifested itself into a strange hybrid of the organic flow of acoustic composition, with the mechanical repetition of technology run rampant. The way that the composition builds is seamless and would seem to imply that this is something intentionally designed for such, making the realization that this is an improvisational piece all the more impressive. This is the perfect way to wake up, as it holds your attention from start to finish, growing in a natural and dynamic way to a climactic conclusion.

Listen to the set below:

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