REVIEW: SateLight – “Harsh Reality”

Harsh Reality

SateLight has finally released his full-length album entitled Harsh Reality. We at Never Nervous have been waiting for this one since we first heard “What Dreams Are Made Of,” which actually is included on this album.

Harsh Reality is an excellent example of what is possible when you self-produce an album as with this new record SateLight has made something that is uniquely him. His beats are my favorite part of this album. While most rappers are trying to make the next dance track, SateLight has made some of the most interesting tracks to come out of Louisville. He doesn’t follow the usual verse/hook/verse format. He doesn’t necessarily use the same drum patterns for an entire song as some tracks seem to have a first and second half. It’s just whatever feels right.

One song that stands out as particularly radio friendly (possibly a single?) is “Worst Enemy.” This song slams, and it’s catchy as hell. The hook, as weird as it sounds, is a call back to Coolio, “As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I take a look at myself…I realize, I realize…and I’m my worst enemy.” It really gets stuck in your head.

“The In – Between” is another banger. While the song is full of similes in the vain of something from Lil’ Wayne, the beat behind him is like nothing you’re used to hearing. It’s a minimalist synth riff with an unusual walking bass line. The drums are almost nonexistent, but when they hit they sound as if they were recorded in an abandoned warehouse.

Everything SateLight does has an industrial trip-hop sound. He’s probably the only person in town doing that. If you want to hear something different from Louisville’s hip hop scene, give Harsh Reality a listen below: