LISTEN: Rmllw2llz Releases “Concerto No.9 Movement 1”

Pictured Above: Rmllw2llz

As hard as we try to keep you up to date covering every awesome band/artist in Louisville, sometimes we miss something. Especially in this case, where we are about a month and a half late to the party. Back in January, rapper Rmllw2llz (Romell with two l’s) released Concerto No.9 Movement 1 as a digital download. This album serves as the first of three movements, however I have no clue as to when the next two will hit the streets. 

What’s it sound like? Romell’s baritone vocals and southern dialect instantly remind me of Bun B of UGK fame while his flow in a way reminds me of Nas. The beats he rhymes over range from smooth, jazzy backdrops to hard hitting bangers.  After a few listens, my personal favorite track is “Free” featuring T. McAfee.  Check it out below, then go here to listen to Concerto No. 9 Movement 1 in it’s entirety.