REVIEW: Scuzz Master – “Scuzz Master EP”

Scuzz Master
Scuzz Master EP

Scuzz Master released a self-titled four-song EP in November of 2014 and we’re just now getting to it. Shame on me for missing this one because it’s absolutely killer.

The curious thing about Scuzz Master is that they kind of sound like their name. Maybe that’s because “Scuzz” rhymes with “Fuzz.” This album is very fuzzy. Fuzzy in a punk rock way. I appreciate that sort of thing.

I also dig the vocals on this EP. These are the type of rock vocals that seem like they aren’t trying too hard. Like The singer showed up to the studio about five PBR’s in and just started rocking out. You should think about downing a few PBR’s yourself. Throw on Scuzz Master’s self-titled EP, pull out a house key and poke a hole in the side of the can and shotgun the first one. Because that’s what they would want you to do.

Scuzz Master’s debut EP is streaming at their bandcamp page and is also available as a free download. Do yourself a favor and download this shit! FOR FREE!