INTERVIEW: Alan Scheurman AKA Santiparro Talks About His New Record “True Prayer” and Why Hitting Homeruns is Important!

Pictured Above: Alan Scheurman and his little friend.  Photo Credit: Indy Genao

New York based singer-songwriter Alan Scheurman AKA Santiparro is ready to perform in Louisville tomorrow night (3/10) at Zanzabar. He is currently on tour promoting his excellent debut record True Prayer, an album that I absolutely recommend you check out if you’re into soothing otherworldly folk tunes.  There are plenty of highlights on True Prayer, including the tenth track “The Benefit of Confrontation” where Scheurman teams up with Will Oldham:

Watch Santiparro perform live tomorrow night at Zanzabar; Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas and Shilpa Ray will open the show. The price of admission is ten bucks and the music will start at 9PM.  For more information on the show, go here.  To get you prepared for the event, Alan Scheurman was kind enough to answer a few questions about the inspiration behind the music on his new record, his relationship with Will Oldham and more…

Never Nervous: Talk about the origin story behind Santiparro. How did this project come to be, and what’s the story behind the name?

Alan Scheurman: Santiparro is the spiritual name given to me by the Wixatari people during their annual pilgrimage to Wirikuta, the sacred desert where peyote originates. On the pilgrimage every thing receives a new title, because we are entering another plane – leaving the mundane behind. So, much of the music that I create under this name is received in ceremony.

NN: I’m sure you’re bored with the “what are your influences” question, but really though.. what bands/artists light a creative fire under you? Anyone in particular?

AS: Music that has really moved me in the past few years has been a lot of the guitar music from Northern Africa. I’m also really inspired by indigenous chanting and folk music in general. I’m not tuned in to the music that is current. When I was younger, I was listening to a lot of 60’s psychedelia and dub, which I think show up as apparent influences on the record.

NN: Will Oldham makes an appearance on your song “The Benefit of Confrontation.” How did this collaboration happen? How do you two know each other?

AS: I met Will Oldham in a dream on my last night in Peru during a plant diet. Two days later, to my surprise, he was playing in New York. I went to see him, bringing a gift of Palo Santo from the Amazon. Will has been really inspirational. He suggested that I write a song about learning through confrontation. Naturally, when the song came through I asked him if he would care to contribute.

NN: Are you performing alone on this current tour, or will there be a supporting cast?

AS: Most of this tour will be really intimate, just me and an acoustic guitar. My wife Indy will join me on harmonium and hand percussion on a few songs.

NN: Tell us about your favorite record of 2015 so far. What’s so great about it?

AS: Jessica Pratt’s album is gorgeous.

NN: Considering that you’re from the area, would you care to recommend a band/artist from Brooklyn that folks in Louisville probably haven’t heard of?

AS: There’s an artist that goes by Ivy Meadows who makes really beautiful and cosmic drone music. She also runs a magazine called Perfect Wave. Everything she touches is really special.

NN: Assuming you’ve been here before, what is your favorite and least favorite thing about Louisville?

AS: I usually like to get a burrito as big as my head at La Bamba. I don’t have anything negative to contribute.

NN: Would you rather have the ability to dunk a basketball, kick a 50 yard field goal, or hit a home run? And tell us why, because this is important.

AS: When I was a preteen, I was an MC and went by the name homerun. So the Louisville Slugger is dear to my heart.

NN: Before you go, give Louisville one good reason to come see you play at Zanzabar on Tuesday.

AS: When I play live is more than just a performance, because I always incorporate a ritual element. There may also be some collaboration happening in the night.