PODCAST: 2/3 of Shadowpact Chat about the Local Hip-Hop Scene, Bat Nipples, and Off-Limit Rhymes!

If you’ve read Never Nervous in the last year or so, then you’ve almost definitely heard us talk about our love for Shadowpact as some of the freshest rappers out there. Catching them live is an experience: these kids are bringing their top game to every performance, and playing to the back of the room the whole time. Their is such a high quality to their output that is rarely achieved by up-and-coming artists, and is certainly the mark of a musical act that knows what’s up. If I had half their talent at that age, I would probably not have a desk job. Or something. I don’t know. That metaphor really falls apart when you start thinking about what if, like I have any idea what could happen. Who do I look like to you, kid, Uatu?

Modern Marvill and Sleye Kooper joined us (Artemis had to work) where we talk about all sorts of things,all  hung on the frame work -for better or worse- of age as a comparative analysis. We talk about listening culture on a broad level, and how that correlates to Louisville’s hip-hop scene, which is currently celebrating a golden age. We talk about their music and origin story, about Eminem and his impact on music, and Batman’s Nipples. That’s right: someone actually likes those later Joel Schumaker Batman movies (Sleye Kooper).

And speaking of the local hip hop scene, Never Nervous is hosting an enormous event this Friday, that Shadowpact would be pitch perfect on, space permitted. KY Connect features mostly Louisville/Lexington staples like 1200, Skull Avalanche, Allen Poe + guests, Sheisty Khrist & JustMe, Skyscraper Stereo, and Uncommon Nasa + Carl Kavorkian both from NYC on tour, with Jalin Roze DJing between sets. We’ll be out there podcasting, recording the show, and hosting, and you know you want to be there too. This weather is hot garbage lately, and we all need to get live or just give in to our cabin fever and murder people, I guess. Join us at The New Vintage and say what’s up. And listen to this Shadowpact interview in the interim to tide you over, because it’s awesome.

You can listen to the podcast here or click the link below. And don’t forget to like us or whatever it is you do with this sort of thing to validate our existence. We need to feel important, y’all.