LISTEN: Jonathan Glen Wood – “Views From Love”

Jonathan Glen Wood continues to not be lazy as he sets loose yet another release called Views From Love. As usual with JGW, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect with his latest release, as we’ve recently heard him perform a range of different styles including twangy singer-songwriter tunes, ambient synth-driven noise, and of course the rock and roll music he makes with Old Baby.

The sounds heard on Views From Love provide the most spacious, ambient atmosphere that JGW has provided thus far, at least that I’ve heard anyway.  He’s using what sounds like a synthesizer with a tremolo pedal (or something, what do I know?) to create minimalist, other-worldly sounds that perfectly reflect his optimistic, kind personality. For me, this is feel good music in its simplest form. 

Listen to the album in it’s 7-song entirety below, then download it for free here.  Highly recommended.