EDITORIAL: Ma Turner on Award Shows

Pictured above: Ma Turner exhibits his skill to see through dew rags.

Editor’s Note: We here at Never Nervous want to give a voice to our community, and while Ma Turner doesn’t call Louisville his home, he does visit with a regularity, and has offered a lot of great music to the city that has certainly helped shape our musical culture in it’s own way, from his work with the Warmer Milks to his time in Cross. So when Mr. Turner had something to say about Award’s shows, well, we wanted people to read that. Read on.

Awards Shows: Who Wins?

Some words on music awards. They don’t make sense to me. We all win. Why single people out when we all win? I like certain things more than others but that doesn’t mean I should dole out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place to artists, albums and songs to determine which one is THE BEST. What does that even mean? How can something borne of self-expression be fairly judged?? All I can say is I am either moved or not by a song, an album or a live performance. Competition slows me down and is a distraction from what really counts: creation. A true courtesy would be if I received a text that reads “Get Back To Work” every time I think about where what I am working on is going when I am finished. The ability to create is a privilege, a gift and not affiliated with outcomes. If you want to show an artist appreciation, attend their shows, buy their albums, tell your friends about them. If I want to feel appreciated for doing what I do, it means I need to stop and re-examine why it is I am doing this. By all means though, if that is your thing, then go for it. No sweat on this end. Just know that no matter what, you win. We all win.

Ma Turner is a musician, visual artist and writer currently residing in Lexington with his wife Erin Reynolds and pit bull Agnes.  You can listen to his band STAAB here