LISTEN: My Morning Jacket announces new record “The Waterfall” with a new single called “Big Decisions”

It’s like Christmas in March if you are a Louisvillian because My Morning Jacket have announced the release of a forthcoming album entitled The Waterfall. With a preorder of the album you get a copy of the record’s first single “Big Decisions.” I originally read, on a Youtube video of course, that this song would be called “Big D” and since that’s a phrase that I use all the time I would have liked that a lot more.

Though the title of this song let my dirty mind down, the song certainly lives up to MMJ standards. What are MMJ’s standards? Great lyrics and interesting melodies covered in reverb so wet that you need a ShamWow  to listen to it. In the song Jim James asks, “What do you want me to do? Make all the Big Decisions for you?” Let me be the first to answer… yes, Jim. I would very much like that.

The new, much anticipated, totally Forecastle ready MMJ album will be available May 4th. Preorder it today and get your copy of “Big Decisions.” Listen to their new song here, and then watch them play it live below: