MOVIE MONDAYS: Touch AC talks Popcorn Movies, the Star Wars Prequels, and Rhymes about Action Movies!

Pictured Above: Touch AC

Touch AC is a fucking boss. One of the most gifted rappers in town, on a personal level Touch AC was my introduction to Louisville Hip-Hop, at least this generation of rappers. And he’s a fantastic example of such, whether it’s in his solo work, as a member of Skull Avalanche, or in his numerous collaborations. You can catch the aforementioned Skull Avalanche this Friday night at the New Vintage as part of KY Connect, which features some of the finest hip-hop in the state like 1200, Uncommon Nasa + Carl Kavorkian (joining us from NYC), Allen Poe + guests, Sheisty Khrist & JustMe, and Skyscraper Stereo. On top of that, you’ve got Jalin Roze spinning between sets, and yours truly here at Never Nervous doing some live podcasting to boot.

Never Nervous: Tell us about your favorite movie from last year. What was it that made it best?

Touch AC: I’d say either Guardians of the Galaxy or Intersellar. I thought both of those movies were rad, but I’m also pretty easy to please. I work at a comic/record shop a few days a week for a second job, so I read the Guardians comics here and there and always loved those. The movie was fucking awesome. Interstellar was pure dopeness, in my opinion. Trippy space/time shit always gets me going. I’m a pretty big McConaughey fanboy, too. That may seem weird, but fuck it. I think he seems like a cool dude and he’s handsome as shit. I heard Birdman was the truth, but I haven’t seen it. Need to get on that shit.

I’m sure there are some great indie movies that dropped last year I need to see. I have a homie who is a big film guy, so I’ll ask him to put me on to something that isn’t mainstream. I’m not really too active in the film world, I usually see shit way after it’s been out for awhile. That’s part of being a dude that doesn’t leave his apartment, I guess.

NN: What is the best action movie? Describe your love in verse if possible.

TAC: “If you’re looking for an action flick to kick you in the balls,
Look no fucking further than the god, Lord Seagal.
Type of dude to break a fella’s arm in a pool hall.
Plus, he taught martial arts at a Japanese school, y’all.
Or maybe you’d be feelin barbaric, blood-lusty
Old School Arnold in Conan, kid, trust me.
The riddle of steel, snake cult-y, skull-crushy.
James Earl Jones with them bangs mad crusty.
Let us not forget to mention Grand Slam Van Damme
Bloodsport, Hard Target, Time Cop, man DAMN!
Who needs the keys to a black trans am
When you can somersault off a motorcycle, sans-hands?”

Just a quick little something there. That one’s on the house ^_-

NN: Speaking of, what is the most clever movie reference you’ve either ever personally made or heard in a rhyme?

TAC: Honestly, I can’t think of the BEST one… but I know I’ve heard references to Blade Runner and The Warriors (my personal two favorite movies) on several hip hop songs. I’m sure there are plenty of mafia movie ones, too. I mean, that was the whole thing in hip hop for a little while there. I wish I could remember what it was, but I definitely remember hearing a reference to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in a rap song one time that made me crack up. Shit, I’m slipping in my old age.

NN: Which is your favorite prequel Star Wars movie and why? How would you defend any of the prequels?

TAC: Damn. All those joints are garbage. There are very few redeeming qualities about any of those. Episode 2 was by far the worst, in my opinion.

“Damn. All those joints are garbage.”

I guess my favorite would have to be Episode 3? But I still have very little good to say about that. We have dudes jumping across canyons in an intense lightsaber fight and then all of the sudden one can’t jump 15 feet over the other one? THAT’S how they decide to end that battle? My entire life I grew up imagining the fight between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader that left Vader scarred. Even in my fledgling, oblivious, pre-teen brain I created better scenarios. Plus, Vader at the end going full-bitch and screaming “Nooooooooo!!!!“… I mean come the fuck on.

Episode 1 had that amazeballs Darth Maul fight – but they ruined it by showing his two sided lightsaber in the preview. Imagine how crazy it would have been to see him ignite that second one right there in the end if you had no idea it was coming. “Oh, TWO Jedi? No problem. I got one for each of you pussies. Come get this Korriban-forged Sith Lord asswhoopin.”

But then again, more Obi-Wan weakness because in the beginning of the movie they’re using “Force Speed” like in the video games to be all super fast and shit. Then at the end when he’s watching his Master get his old ass handed to him he somehow forgot he can use the force to run faster? What the fuck?!

They’re all terrible. I guess the only way I can defend them is by saying Ewan McGregor killed that role as Obi-Wan (he really did a great job) and that at least kids are into it. If I were an 8 year old kid and saw them I’d probably love them. So, there’s that, at least. Star Wars has always been geared toward kids anyway, right?

I’m optimistic about the new one. We’ll see.

NN: Have you ever walked out of a movie? Which movie and why? If not, have you ever wanted to?

TAC: Honestly, no. I’m not much a movie critic, though. I’ll pretty much watch anything if it’s on. I rarely get time to see movies because if I’m in front of the TV it’s usually to play video games (which still happens way too infrequently for my taste). I’ve wanted to walk out of a movie before because I got a text from my weed dude at the time but not because the movie was bad.