REVIEW: Plastic Bubble – “Big Day Parade”

Plastic Bubble
Big Day Parade
Jigsaw Records / Hope For The Tape Deck

Plastic Bubble’s sophomore release Big Day Parade is a psychedelic joyride. While I sit in my living room looking at a foot of snow, this album has me dreaming of being dressed in white, in a field, mid-spring…no allergies. This album is truly a pleasing escape from reality.

Big Day Parade was cool before it ever came through my headphones based on the album art alone. The cover is a dreamworld of bird monarchs and mice drummers. The type of stuff that you might have read about in The Neverending Story. It only gets better from there.

Lyrically, Plastic Bubble are simple and captivating, while involving a level of fantasy that isn’t explored enough in music. Why don’t more people sing about Neanderthals? I guess it’s hard to rhyme something with “Neanderthal” until you hear “We’ve got big skulls.” While we’re on the topic of “Neanderthal Song,” it’s accompanied by a fucking fabulous video starring Will Oldham, which is certainly worth your time.

Every song on Big Day Parade is a gem on it’s own. This can be attributed to great songwriting alongside a plethora of excellent musicians. Every song could be the basis for a new album and I wouldn’t be upset with that. That being said, what unites the record is a pop sensibility that never passes the three minute mark.

If one track is going to decide if this is something you might be interested in, listen to “Sol Invictus.” I can’t get this shit out of my head. I wake up in the morning and think, “Good morning sunshiiiiine!” As I mentioned earlier there’s a foot of snow in my yard; I haven’t felt the sun in weeks.

Here’s one last line to talk you into this album, this one taken from the song “Respectable Establishment”: “Flintstone’s chewables and a PBR, cigarette is on the VCR. ‘Baby on Board’ in a muscle car, yea it’s scary to know that we’re grown.” Who can’t relate to that?

Listen to Big Day Parade below, then buy it here! It’s totally worth it.