LISTEN: City State Tapes Volume 1 is here!

Not having enough bleep blops, avant garde tunes, or drone tracks in your life? City State Tapes is here to fill that cold, cold void in your soul, with the release of the majority of their volume one catalog, which dropped over the weekend in correspondence to their release party. What the label does or at least what it has so far, is to curate the best of the weirdest in town. This is your home for odd sounds and things that make you go “hmmm,” although it’s neither this nor that to which I refer. It’s a pretty diverse label too. This batch sees the release of Visage by Introvert, the glitched out nightmare of a post-human Terminator only future; Plod and Play by Shedding, a pastiche of tiny synth sounds that coalesce into a pleasing whole; Breccia by Connor Waldman, a warbly, synth heavy sheen of drone sounds; the enigmatic ÇPR, the only album as yet to be released, and vehicle for label cofounder Chris Cprek; and Stick Solos by S. Soltau, which is a musique concrete exploration of sounds made on a violin.

This is definitely some heady stuff here, but definitely worthy of attention. That it’s so thoroughly curated, a cross section of the more abstract elements of our local scene certainly holds plenty of appeal to me. I was corrected in referring to this scene, one in which I ascribe to, as nascent, as it has existed for some time, and always will. But burgeoning it is, and long may it flourish, an example of our local culture’s widening sonic tastes and interests. Is it the internet that has broadened our approach of the world, or is it something in the zeitgeist that just wants to do something a bit more extraordinary to the norm? I can’t say, and I don’t mean to imply that there is anything here without precedent, but rather that City State Tapes and it’s constituency is helping to cultivate an musical environment that rewards experimentation, however that may be defined.

You can check out what they have to offer here, and I heartily recommend that you do so.