LISTEN: Insect Policy – “Coachwhip”

Insect Policy have released another song in anticipation of their cassette, “A Contention of Creep Fists,” dropping on February 28th courtesy of auralgamiSOUNDS. Here, instead of the Scuzzy Horror Punk of “Blue Filter Night,” we have a remarkably tamer affair with the gentle “Coachwhip.” What Manley and crew have here is a relaxing, quiet track reminiscent of The Microphones or Pavement. This is super-relaxing to the extent that I could hear this on a children’s show, as someone with a commanding, but pleasant presence explains to kids how to tie their shoes, or the importance of being a good friend. I don’t mean that in any way other than the best though; this is inviting music that’s easy to listen to, and a great contrast to the other released track. All things said, this indicates great things for the impending album, that it’s sonically diverse and dynamic, that you can’t really put your finger on one specific sound, although somehow it all still sounds uniform. That’s a tricky balance to pull off, but one that based on the current evidence seems likely.

You can hear the track below and catch them on February 28th at The New Vintage with The Elsinores and Shutaro Noguchi for the record release show.

UPDATE: Check out this bleary-eyed video to accompany the song, again featuring the wonderful cinematography of Shawn Price. This is no where near as terrifying as the previous video, but comparable in the visual tone where distorted landscapes and the classy ghost of Brian Manley swim through the air.

Coachwhip from Shawn Price on Vimeo.