WATCH: Howell Dawdy – “Beautiful Love” [Valentine’s Day Special]

Yesterday Valentine’s Day came early for Howell Dawdy with the drop of his video for “Beautiful Love.” Here Dawdy takes a turn for the semi-serious shunning the material world in search for what he hopes is a more meaningful human connection. The video, written and directed by Dawdy himself, shows him walking around the woods, painting in a cabin, taking a bubble bath, and attending a beauty pageant, all while seemingly ignoring his lady love, sitting idly in the background. And we could talk all about the significance of Dawdy’s love of love superseding any actual romance, but instead I’d like to take umbrage with his anti-robot lyric about how he doesn’t need a robot servant. We all need robot servants, Mr. Dawdy. Get over yourself.

This video also marks Dawdy’s evolution as a songwriter in the vein of Beck, where the sarcasm makes way for more serious moments, and the production quality is high. There is a certain Talking Heads quality to the whole thing, although I’m not quite sure how to articulate that point, other than in the timber of Dawdy’s voice. It’s an entertaining song with plenty of meat though, and one sure to get stuck in your head. The chorus is catchy, filled with nice female vocals that serve as a perfect counterpoint to Dawdy’s drawl, and beats that are heavy and punchy, but not distracting from the overall narrative. And that guitar solo is fucking hilarious. 

You can check the video out below: