LISTEN: The Tunesmiths – “Full Time Hustle”

Today sees the debut of “Full Time Hustle,” the first song off the upcoming album by local rockers The Tunesmiths. This is pretty slick music with a lot of radio appeal. Or at least, it has radio appeal to my ears, but then I spend most of my time listening to weirdo ambient or hip-hop stuff. This is pretty straight-forward, hook-heavy rock music, kind of in the vein of The Rolling Stones, albeit as filtered through the angular blues of The White Stripes or something along those lines. It’s an easy listen, clean and bombastic, and cleverly assembled. The track never overstays it’s welcome, and has a lot of flash to it, in kind of a throwback, almost 70’s way. I could easily imagine listening to this on a hazy summer afternoon, while riding a muscle-car away from an explosion with a hot dame or something in the seat next to me. And I use the term “dame,” only in the context that it seems like something some side-burned motherfucker would call a lady, after he robbed a bank.

This is pretty solid and definitely worth your listen. You can click below to hear more, and check back here for news on when the new record drops officially. It’s definitely a festive way to wash away the winter time blues.