PODCAST: Mike Clifford and Derek Speer of COUSINS Talk About Metallica, Awesome Pedals, and Awkward Shows!

First off: Happy Birthday, Mike Clifford! Don’t think for a second that we won’t pretend like we put this out today specifically to commemorate this momentous day, because we are not above it. The star of the show, at least if you count which guest speaks the most, Clifford is joined by his bandmate Derek Speer, both of the band Cousins. Listen as we discuss Mike’s old bands like Bodyhammer or Pflanz, Phil’s love for The Spin Doctors and acceptance of Metallica’sLoad,’ and, of course, all about Cousins. You can hear them plug a show that already happened too, so set your Time Machine’s to Fun and get to Gerstle’s this last Saturday. And keep your eyes peeled (GROSS) for news about the new Cousins record, which ought to drop sometime this year.

You can and should listen to the podcast by clicking this link or utilizing the player below. We assume if you don’t, that you hate us, which is puzzling because you just read this post. So I think we technically just incepted you. Deal with it.