LISTEN: Jonathan Glen Wood – “On Remembering”

Photo of Jonathan Glen Wood by Edward Neary

If you were wanting to feel lazy again, click on the link above to hear the newest Jonathan Glen Wood release, his third in about three months. Read that again and then know that whatever you are doing, you’re doing it wrong. Here is the masterful work of a prodigious player, and one that somehow manages both quality and quantity, which I might attribute to the remarkable fluidity of his material. Keep in mind, these aren’t the only things he’s been a part of in an approximately one year period, that he also plays with Old Baby and Jaye Jayle, and that he released his phenomenal country record “The Ballad of Jon,” all of which are also further evidence of both his high quality output and manic work ethic.

As to this record, be prepared to get real fucking mild. I say that with all the love in the world too, as a person who would embed himself in a La-Z-Boy like Modok doing glaucoma research while watching Live at Pompeii; I’m a dude that likes to get way mellow, and this is perfect for that. Part of “On Remembering” read a bit like the score to The Fall, which is dark and haunting. This is offset nicely by the relaxing synth bubbles of “The Mind,” which starts off with kind of a luscious, Brian Eno vibe. Of course, that Lux feel that opens the track gives way to a dissonant hum, throbbing in place and evolving at a glacial pace. It’s really serene, meditative stuff, and well worth your time spent listening.