LISTEN: 1200 Rozes

This last Saturday marked the rare occurrence of both Phil and myself dragging our lazy old asses out to a show and staying for the whole thing. And boy howdy but it was right that we did. At a show loaded with awesome, from the high energy bombast of Shadowpact, to the funk-hop of both Touch AC and Jalin Roze -at least it was last Saturday- 1200 still came out like a goddamned boss. He owned the show in a way that I wasn’t even sure was possible, elevating the discourse to well above “throw-your-hands-in-the-air,” instead forcibly turning everyone up, and getting move live than life itself. Or something. I thought that last bit looked real poetic and clever, but I’m not sure what it means. Thus proves why I’m not a rapper; my rhyme skills are weak.

Not so much with combined might of 1200 and Jalin Roze on this track, 1200 Rozes, which just dropped recently, and that closed the show out Saturday. Structurally, this song is effectively two shorter songs run together, connected thematically by the sung coda outro. The opening verse sees a lot of interplay between the two rappers, proving that their voices are a perfect compliment to one another, like peanut butter and jelly or Method Man and Red Man. Or me drinking a beer and playing a video game: a match made in heaven. What we should all hope here, is that 1200 Rozes isn’t a one off single, but the start of more collaborations between the two to come.