LISTEN: All The Syd Bishop Music You’ve Never Wanted!

Pictured above: Kid Syd and the Rascal Pals prior to Shipwreck spoiling Tony and Jeff’s Game w/a Well Placed Fart!

A little more than four months ago I became a father. With parenthood came a sense of mortality, which in turn makes you think about your mark on the world. And while I have done a lot of things to be proud of, my productive output is remarkably slim, all things considered. You can find everything I’ve written here, here, or here, and in a lot of cases you can just pick up a physical copy. But in the 18 years that I’ve been playing music, only ten things were released, and even then some of that was only on the internet, and all of that had a limited release. Until today at least.

This is most of the music I’ve ever done, which includes music from The Seaside Panel, The Black Action, City of Ghosts, Mr. Panda, Tauri Sb, The Royalty, Raw Tactics, Siberia, Teen Pregnancy!, and Lee Van Cleef. In this collection there are 282 songs. I had a hand in writing 174 of them. That means that I either outright wrote the riff, or as is the case more often than not, I put it together with my co-conspirators here. I’m one of the luckiest people I know. In my 18 years playing, I’ve almost exclusively played with friends, most of which I still keep in contact with. Hell, players on eleven of these recordings were in my wedding party, and there were people on almost every other album that were in attendance. 
What you won’t see here is a tiny portion of the rest. I have the first Seaside Panel demo, but it sounds like hot garbage, and isn’t acceptable to put on line. There is also a cover of a Minor Threat song that Seaside Panel recorded that to my knowledge is lost to time. I’m missing a pretty good Royalty demo from when it was just Tony Ash, Doug Walker, and myself, that is surprisingly listenable; I may yet upload that. There is at least one City of Ghosts song that I can’t find anywhere, an outtake from the Ikiryoh sessions that I thought was so goddamned clever what with all the delay and 7/8 timing stuff. Perhaps most notable is the lack of any Visiting Nurse stuff, of which there is or will be plenty. But we’re doing this right, and when it comes out, it’s going to be awesome. 
For better or worse, I’m really proud of this stuff. Some of it was written and recorded during some very emotional times in my life. Some of it was recorded when I just wanted to drink beers and get rowdy. Hell, most of it was. There is some satire/joke material here even, but I’ll leave that for the listener to identify. Almost all of this stuff is free. You don’t have to pay for it, but I would encourage you to consider that this is literally 18 years of work put into something. Maybe I could get enough for a new interface and add to this pile with some more Tauri Sb stuff. If nothing else I’ll split it with my collaborators and we can get tacos or something. Because who doesn’t like tacos? Fucking Hitler, that’s who.

Check out the whole collection here.