SUPPORT THE SCENE OR SOMETHING: The Never Nervous Guide to Helping the Cat House thrive!

Pictured above: Black Hole Sun finally came and washed the band away.

You like shows -music concerts for those without the cool kid vernacular that we’ve adopted here- or you wouldn’t be on this site. So it goes without saying that you probably like cool venues, right? If you answered no, please leave: this isn’t for you. And anyways, why don’t you like interesting venues? Get lost with that rotten attitude you bunch of jokers.

This article, as brief or long as it may be, is all about The Cathouse, and how you can help it thrive. Located in Smoketown near Broadway, and occupied by William Benton and David Cundiff (to name a few), The Cathouse is an art venue that intends to host smaller shows, be they of the musical or artistic variety. Having gone to shows there in the past, I can attest to what a neat space it is, and perfectly located for making a ruckus. There aren’t a lot of options for interesting house shows in town, and The Cathouse is the answer to that problem. So consider helping out, and know that your efforts will help a burgeoning venue take it to the next level.

Click the link here to get help out.