LISTEN: Knocked Loose have a new song called “D.T.A.H.”

Metalcore band Knocked Loose has a brand new song they want you to hear called “D.T.A.H.” which stands for Death To All Hypebeasts, whatever that means. The track is a screamy, double bass-laden trip down memory lane, as I remember listening to music like this in high school. While it’s not so much my thing anymore, I can certainly recognize that these guys are really fucking good at what they do. Make no mistake about Knocked Loose, they’ve been cranking out solid tunes for a while now.  What do they sound like?  Expect the usual wreckless, screamy vocals, down-tuned chug riffs, and head-bobbing breakdowns you’d get from most bands that have attempted to combine elements of metal and hardcore.  There’s nothing new here, no reinvention of the wheel persay, but it’s always fun to get a reminder that people still make quality metalcore since the genre has become pretty boring over the last decade or so.

Check out the new song by clicking here, and if you’re hungry for more, be sure to check out their Pop Culture EP from last year on bandcamp here.