LISTEN: DEADLYWIFE x TinyForest – Sunset Blush

I really appreciate this culture we live in, wherein musical acts just drop music because they feel like it. Is “Sunset Blush” by the previously unknown (to me) Deadlywife and production wizard TinyForest a single for an upcoming album? Maybe, but there is no indication, and past experience tells me this was created and released, just because it was awesome. Why else should you make music other than for the unmitigated joy of doing so, a kind of zeal that comes across in the music. Speaking of that music, TinyForest does what he does so well, trap heavy beats overtop a melancholic/atmospheric haze. But here, TinyForest is joined by the Deadlywife, who offers up her beautiful voice to be altered, chopped, and screwed. It’s fantastic, like, well, his older stuff, but as filtered through newer Andy Stott. This stuff is fucking great.