LISTEN: TinyForest and Paperwolf join forces for LOFTS

Behold! Chillwave beat-makers TinyForest and Paperwolf have joined forces to create LOFTS, a most excellent instrumental 8-song collaborative album that is currently blowing our minds. I’d describe what LOFTS does and how they make me feel in greater detail, but TinyForest does it better than me on their bandcamp page:

LOFTS is being stoned to the point everything vibrates, on a misty spring day in waterproof clothing. LOFTS is crisp, clean, and streamlined. LOFTS is 1080p. LOFTS is removing the cellophane from a new pack of cigarettes. LOFTS is a swoosh in basketball. LOFTS is getting off of work and sitting down for the first time. LOFTS is flying over a large city at night. LOFTS is sleeping with no alarm clock. But at the same time, LOFTS is dense, and travels beyond the simple face value of a satisfying, harmonious moment. There’s more here than you may immediately feel.

Yeah, what that said! Highly Recommended! 2015 is off to a great fucking start!