MOVIE MONDAYS: Rob Pennington Loves Animal Vengeance and Summer Blockbusters!

Pictured above: Rob Pennington at the Hardcore Sauna!

If there is anyone in this city that deserves less of an introduction here, it’s Rob Pennington. Let’s face it: if you’re reading this blog, I’d say there is a reasonable chance that you either know him by name or at least recognize one of his previous bands like Endpoint, By the Grace of God, Ousia, or Minnow. One of Louisville’s most formidable frontmen, Pennington currently sings in the mighty Black God, who are playing here this Friday with Frontier(s), Dead Halos, and The Pink Vultures at The New Vintage. It’s monday. so we caught up with Pennington over the holiday break to ask him important questions about movies, some of which feature the lithe power and fury of the late Patrick Swayze.

Never Nervous: What is the best movie you saw in 2014 and why?

Rob Pennington: Unlike many of my friends, my knowledge of movie genre is limited to my memory of Blockbuster or Red Giraffe placards (e.g., comedy, action, drama). That being said, of the movies that I remember watching, I think I enjoyed the most recent Planet of the Apes movies. First, it has apes and who doesn’t like apes. Second, I am sucker for movies where animals reflect human nature back to us. Third, there is nothing like a little animal vengeance in the face of all we do to them.

NN: What is your favorite holiday movie and why?

RP: Elf. It is one of the few movies I can watch a million times without tiring. The writers’ careful placement of jokes and heartwarming hooks throughout the narrative keep me laughing through the entire film.

NN: Is there a better film soundtrack than either those for Judgment Night or The Crow?

RP: Come on, now. The “Colors” soundtrack!  “Colors,’ “Paid in Full” I challenge anyone not to slink a little lower in their car seat when “ICE T” rides that distorted bass into “I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talkin.”

NN: What is the best Patrick Swayze movie and why?

RP: Roadhouse. When it comes on, I am down for the count. So many good reasons. Sam Elliott is the best and liberally uses the word honcho and amigo in this film. One of the villains is taken out by his own taxidermy. Swayze uses a tree to take out his martial arts nemesis and a knife to turn his car into a missile. Finally, gotta love ole Red standing up to the man.

NN: What movies are you most looking forward to in 2015?

RP: I am looking forward to the new Madmax, Crouching Tiger 2, and the next Avengers installment.