MOVIE MONDAYS: Nick Sturtzel Lowers Himself Into The Steel of your Heart!

Pictured above: Nick Sturtzel moments prior to passing out from paint fumes.

If you’ve heard anything with a bleep blop in it lately in town, chances are that Nick Sturtzel was involved or at least there. In association with Chris Cprek, Sturtzel recently started City State Tapes, which saw it’s first release with Exacta Cube, which features Sturtzel and Dennis Stein of Introvert/Karass. Sturtzel is also one half of Norrin Radd, his electro-pop duo that makes clicks, pops, and drones sound practically radio friendly. In his spare time, he cohosts a show on ArtxFM with Lindsay Sant called Alien Jingles that explores his fractured and disparate musical tastes in one two hour block. Sturtzel had all sorts of fun things to say about movies, but I won’t spoil that here, because I’m a goddamned hero. You have to read the rest to find out, hi-yo!

Never Nervous: What is your favorite holiday movie and why?

Nick Sturtzel: It has to be Die Hard. How could it be anything else?

NN: Follow up to that, what is your favorite death scene in any movie and why? I mean there are usually death scenes in holiday movies, amirite?

NS: Yes, in mine there are quite a few death scenes, but none quite as good as Alan Rickman’s. I recently read, in one of those silly listicle things, that Mr. Rickman’s reaction to falling was legitimate: they dropped him early in the count intentionally.

Arnold’s classic “Thumbs Up” at the end of Terminator 2 will always hold a special place in my heart. If we expand the category from exclusively movies to “on-screen” then there is a certain Game of Thrones death that achieves a satisfaction level that few others reach.

NN: If you were going to make a holiday movie, what would the basic plot be and why? What would your score be like, because I know you would score your own movie?

NS: It would have to be a gritty reboot of the Santa Claus story emphasizing the pagan roots of Christmas. Krampus would play a big role. The why of it all is simple: if anything needs a gritty reboot it’s Christmas.

The score would have a constant synth drone that would slowly modulate, with additional tones and textures building the size and presence as necessary. No melodies I think. It would have to be loud, like really loud, otherwise the score would have no point.

NN: Tell me about the best score you’ve ever heard. What gives it that edge for you?

NS: I’ve been really interested in the work that Trent Reznor has been doing recently. The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo would both have been much worse films if he wasn’t involved.

I also really enjoyed the score to Under The Skin.

Basically I like scores that cater to my interest in synthesizers and ambience.

NN: What is the best movie you saw in 2014 and why? What are you most looking forward to in 2015 and why?

NS: I don’t know if it’s “the best,” but I was looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy for a while and it pretty much lived up to my expectations. Great popcorn movie filled with characters I never thought would be seen outside of the pages of a comic book, much less as a huge blockbuster.

I’m not sure what’s on my list for 2015 yet other than the movies that came out this year that I still need to see. Those are: Interstellar, Birdman, Inherent Vice comes out soon I think?, and the last of the Hobbits.  Thinking about it more there’s tons of fluffy stuff I’m ready for in 2015: Avengers, Jurassic World, Mad Max, Star Wars. I’m really skeptical about the new Terminator movie, the trailer makes it look like it’s going to be a huge mess of continuity. An aside, what fucking year is it that all of those franchises have movies coming out?

The two that I’m most interested in are CHAPPIE (where Die Antwoord hang out with a robot) and EX Machina. They both look like they are going to deal with artificial intelligence in different ways and I think that’s a pretty cool trend in film making. I’m happy to see Hollywood embracing speculative fiction.