WATCH: Cher Von – “EPK”

So I’ll be real: I had no idea what an EPK video was until about twenty minutes ago. This ought to tell you that a) I’m not much for promoting my own stuff, and b) as a writer, I rarely receive this sort of promotional stuff. It makes sense though, because, you know, it is 2014, and if we can’t have commercially accessible (read: affordable) jet packs and flying cars, we should at least use all these tubes and bytes to communicate as efficiently as possible. Reading between the lines here, you ought to have figured out that I also missed the boat that Cher Von made one of these, and that it’s worth checking out.

Are you a booking agent or film producer? Or do you just want to know more about what Cher Von has to offer? This video is for you under any of those circumstances. The music is, as expected, ethereal, and adherent to Brian Eno’s famous thesis about what ambient music ought to be. I can’t say I always agree with that sentiment by the way, that any genre of music needs to be this or that, as I find it ultimately reductive and restrictive. Fortunately Cher Von agrees, as evidenced by her compositional work, which is often haunting and atmospheric, or to quote myself from the EPK here, that “defies classification.” I feel all warm and fuzzy to be quoted by the way, like I’m a real boy now.

Did you know that she scored a movie? I didn’t. It’s called Another Day of Mankind and it’s a Romanian film, or at at least made by a Romanian director. How does that even happen?

Editor’s Note: We do have speeder bikes though, which I’m calling a victory for the future.