WATCH: Skyscraper Stereo – Ya Boy Gets Right

After all sorts of teasers over the last week, Skyscraper Stereo’s video for “Ya Boy Gets Right” drops and proves why it was worth the wait. While I’m not sure which specific Boy is in question here, everything about this is right, the perfect reminder for why I had Reebok Pumps and would’ve murdered a hobo to get a Starter jacket in the 90’s. You want Beavis and Butthead, Tiny Toons, Crunch Berries, bright colored graffiti, gameboy colors, Saved By the Bell, giant boom boxes, and my personal favorite here, Animaniacs? Yo, here it is. You want Space Jam references? Yep. The only thing missing possibly is any and all references to Kris Kross (they’ll make you jump, I understand), or those Loony Tunes shirts were they dressed like said boy-rap group. I guess they missed the bus on that.

And as an aside here, please note that the Space Jam site that I linked is still active. In fact, I think it may be sentient now, on a technical level.

What’s even better is that the music matches the visuals here in the best, most fun way possible. The music bounces and has a really synthy bass line, almost like they bottled that dude from the Seinfeld theme and use him for hip-hop now. Which I would submit is the best outcome here anyways. And the guitar solo at the end is pitch perfect to 80’s/90’s music culture, which usually positioned the guitar as the power instrument, even in non-guitar music. It’s a fun touch.

A few last notes on the video:

  • That bit where they redress the square old dude sitting at the bench is pretty righteous.
  • I want to ride go-karts now. 
  • This is the first hip-hop video where I feel like my dancing would’ve been appropriate. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing for the world, but it’s a good thing for my heart.

As a child of the 90’s, you’re basically Hitler if you can’t appreciate this. It’s all the music and cartoons you were weaned on, a reminder of how colorful the world can be. This was a time when gas was cheap and our biggest cultural concern was whether or not OJ was guilty, and who had the flyest kicks. Spoiler alert: it was almost never me, although I did have a nice pair of Nike Huaraches at one point, a basketball shoe for the most un-athletic, comic obsessed nerd you could imagine. But that was how it was.

Watch the video below: