MOVIE MONDAY: Shane Simms and his Distilled Hatred for Holiday Movies!

Pictured above: Shane Simms thinks about transcendental black metal, ladies, and dope cowboy hats.

Never rile a bear. That’s the advice I’d give you about Shane Simms, if based solely upon his recorded output with Ayin and Anwar Sadat, which never fails to sound anything if not ferocious. But underneath that gruff exterior is, well, another gruff exterior. Simms likes movies that make you think, that present an intellectual challenge to you in some way that might change your outlook on life, even if that involves erections in movies non-pornographic movies. We sat down with Simms and typed questions at him, which he then typed back at us. And keep on the look out for Obedience, the new Anwar Sadat EP dropping this week, and for their new video in support of the EP, which from the stills that I’ve seen looks positively demented.

Never Nervous: What’s the best movie you’ve seen in 2014? It doesn’t have to be a movie released this year, just the one freshest and most righteous to you.

Shane Simms: Probably ‘Under the Skin’. It made me feel really weird about human sexuality – like, it seemed completely absurd and alien. Plus, I’m glad more movies are showing boners.

NN: Is there a such thing as a good holiday movie? If so, what is it for you and why?

SS: No. Any movie based around a holiday can suck it. Working retail for nearly a decade has distilled a strong hatred for anything holiday related. I dunno.. Maybe that one horror movie with the killer Santa.

NN: If you could make a movie what would it be and why? Would you score it yourself, or would you assemble a score? Give us the details.

SS: Yeah, it’d probably be something like Kurosawa’s ‘Dreams’, coz that’s my all-time favorite movie. Just like, these short, profound vignettes that tell a larger story. I’d have to do the soundtrack, because I’m a control freak. It’d probably sound like Stockhausen or some shit.

NN: Have you ever walked out of a movie? If so, which one? If not, has there ever been one that you’ve ever wished you’d walked out on?

SS: Yes, I left during the last 20 minutes of ‘Up’ because I was on mushrooms and the fucking walls were breathing. Plus I felt weird coz I was laughing too loud at shit that wasn’t funny. That movie is too much of an emotional rollercoaster to see on drugs. I didn’t know what I was getting into. I hid in the bathroom for a while.

NN: What is the last movie you saw in the theatre? Tell us about that experience for better or worse.

SS: That one movie with George Clooney and that one chick where they’re up in space. I saw it with my mom coz she isn’t into the pretentious shit I’m into. It was cool, I guess. I’m just waiting for Clooney to start looking decrepit.