LISTEN: Jonathan Glen Wood – Alone EP

Well, shit. While most of us were putting ourselves into a tryptophan induced coma (actually not really), Jonathan Glen Wood put out an EP. I felt good just getting my writing done for the week, some of which I did holding a baby, and some of which I did while I was on break, and this fella puts out an EP on a National Holiday. Cheers for doing something productive instead of standing in line somewhere to buy a cheap ass toaster, and making some poor sap have to work.

And holy shit is this awesome. Dark, ambient, country performed by a contemporary master. The album lives up to it’s name, thematically and tonally, like Swans as filtered through Ennio Morricone. Perhaps it’s my knowledge that Wood works so often as an improv artist, but there’s something urgent about this, something captured so in the moment that it would defy any other means of archival. This had to happen in a live setting. You can hear the emptiness in the space, which only contributes to the sense of loneliness in the music. Here accompanied by Freakwater vet and frequent collaborator Catherine Irwin, Wood puts his own unique stamp on the genre, and I can only hope there is more of this to come.