REVIEW: Spoopy – “III: And Then I Was a Mutant”

III: And Then I Was a Mutant
Eviction Records

Help me, I’m lost in a pseudomorphic scare fog. Spoopy makes music that passes from the crop to the gizzard of the brain stem. But, sometimes brains don’t emit the right digestive enzymes needed to munch on Spoopy. Or your friends, which Spoopy eats and digests just fine.

This is Spoopy’s third album. Somehow I missed the second one. Born of a shady collaboration between Yoko Molotov of Sweatermeat and Niles Kane of Awkwardnauts, Spoopy has changed. I wouldn’t say grown artistically, but actually, I guess, just more fucked up. While the first Spoopy record combined ghosts with the lo-fi noise that can be synonymous with some of Eviction Records output, this record just gets a bit ghastlier. I mean, Caspar the Ghost is cute. Herein lies some more harrowing, noisier shit.

Tracks like “Can’t Go to School Today” and “I Ate My Friends” are like foggy whispers on undercooked ludes. There’s noise in them whispers, but like bones growing, those whispers burst through skin and get right down scary and churning. It all sounds like a Mouth from Hell opened under a secret Satanic church hidden on a ranch on a road where a goat man might live. I mean, I listen to this and wonder: what the fuck are they doing? Is anyone getting hurt while they’re doing it?

“I Don’t Want to Be a Monster” serves as a protectant against falling into some sort of grind of hushed normalcy in your life. It’s an epic tour of flying tones, screeches, distant screams. Absolute Spoopy corrupts absolutely. The cow prod in the pudding is proven with this release: louder and scarier than ever. Yoko and Niles voices bleed in and out of the mix, all sounding like they were recorded backwards and several rooms over in a dungeon. I hope they’re OK and safe.

I saw Spoopy IV was released this week, so I guess so.