EVENT: Get Amped For AMPED

Tonight some very awesome kids are being afforded an opportunity that I wish I had: to play in the Mayor’s Gallery! I’m not saying that I’m envious of these kids, but instead just how neat it would have to feel as a young person to play in someplace seemingly so prestigious. The performers are part of Amped, which as their Facebook explains are “a youth program by Level Seven Recording Studios that aims to provide a safe environment for youth to explore their creativity through music.” I couldn’t tell you how many youth music programs there are around town, but I can tell you that this is the only one led by Jecorey Arthur of illustrious hip-hop heads 1200. Growing up first in Okolona then in Hillview, I can attest to the need for arts programs for children, and can only work to ensure this happens for my daughter, that she has access to explore her world through creativity.

This show is event is happening tonight at 5pm, so you’ve still got plenty of time to set your DVR’s or get baby sitters (or both) and make it. And you really should, as you’ll not only get to see the Amped kids play, but also special performances by 1200 and In Lightning, both of which are way rad. Yes, I said “way rad” like I just stepped out of an 80’s movie with shades on. The show will pretty much be like this, which I think we can all agree is the most radically righteous thing to ever happen.