LISTEN: Tender Mercy – “Oh, Drone”

I use a lot of adjectives describing Mark Kramer’s music like “stark” or “austere,” all of which are accurate, and all of which make me feel like a smarty-pants for their usage. Like I know all the big words, boss. But this is the way with Tender Mercy, which here again on their comp track for Folk-O-Rama: Volume Four, delivers yet another tune that uses the space between the notes, vocal and lightly plucked electric, as much as any particular melodic structure. If this music was any more relaxed, it would cease to exist, like the most laid back Low track written in a La-Z Boy on lithium. Have I said that before? Maybe. But I’m not going to look it up to find out, because I’m hard like that. Insert all the deal-with-it gifs you can find, or, and this would make more sense, just listen to this Tender Mercy track and get serene as shit.