REVIEW: The Hot Wires – “Phantom Fire”

The Hot Wires
Phantom Fire

What would happen if an alien showed up at your house tomorrow and asked you, “What is rock n’ roll?” Playing Phantom Fire, the debut album from The Hot Wires would be a sufficient answer. The fuzzy, psychedelic-surf & garage rock grooves from this album are the type of thing that people who smoke weed have been enjoying since the 60’s.

Phantom Fire seems to have a partial theme of “verticality” with songs like “Never Comin’ Down,” “Going Down,” and my personal favorite, “Elevator.” The album begins with “Never Comin’ Down.” “Elevator” comes two songs later and then the album ends with “Going Down.” Whether this was planned or not, you have to respect that kind of anarchy. Make a bold statement, then say “fuck it” before you even finish the album. Whether they are going down or not, the album rocks.

I’ve come up with a quiz to decide if you will like this album or not. Answer honestly!

1. Are you high right now?
2. Are you riding a chocolate surfboard on an electric wave?
3. Are you wearing a jean jacket?
4. Is your hair “shaggy?”
5. Are you a fan of Wolfmother, The Pretty Things, or Black Sabbath?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will most likely be a fan of The Hot Wires.

Phantom Fire is just the latest in a long list of great records that have come out of Deadbird Studios recently. A list that includes the likes of Nick Dittmeier, The Debauchees, and Cabin. Listen to Phantom Fire below: