LISTEN: Touch AC – Satan’s on His Way and He Wants His Hugs : Remixes for a Better Tomorrow

I wrote the other day that there was a new Touch AC remix album coming and true to my word it is. I write that sentence that way, as if to imply that I had anything to do with it, and while I absolutely didn’t, you’re welcome all the same. I guess you could say that I’m an American Hero like that, although I’m definitely not a G.I. Joe, because military stuff isn’t really my scene. Unless we’re talking Star Wars, then get my lightsaber shined up and my X-Wing ready to bounce, because I’m all in.

What is a remix album all about? Well, in my experience it’s a mild restructuring of some aspect of the song; maybe it’s a different bassline, maybe there is an emphasis on a different element of the track. With “Satan’s on His Way and He Wants His Hugs : Remixes for a Better Tomorrow,” the remix renders the track wholly fresh, a reconstruction with only the barest of the original’s DNA still intact. Every participant in this remix puts their stamp on it. The opening Karass track is just that: a Karass track made to incorporate AC’s rhymes. Every track manages a marriage between some component of Touch AC’s raps and occasionally some of the original production, but in every case the end result is wildly different.

One last note here: it’s wildly appropriate that this album dropped the day before Halloween. There is some especially dark material here, from the subject material to the production, with the only lighter moment really coming in the way of the “Poster of a Cat” remix by Cut Family Foundation, which to be fair, I’m not really sure you could make a track with that name either hard or in any way heavy sounding. The rest of the album though, veers towards minor tones and chopped and screwed vocals. And it’s worth your time.