WATCH: Howell Dawdy – Scary (featuring Ultra Pulverize)

Howell Dawdy and guests/Laser Taggers/Mortal Kombat contestants Ultra Pulverize, are addressing an entirely new sort of horror this week, which at the moment is sensible. I mean, shit… it’s Halloween on Friday, which I’m going to bet was not part of the agenda here with Mr. Dawdy. Like he probably hadn’t put that together himself, that his video for “Scary” just so happens to drop the same week as everyone’s favorite scary holiday. Unless you count Valentine’s Day as scary. Some do.

That Alex Smith’s comedy is so often rooted in some sort of real world issue is apparent here, this time a reflection of paranoia culture. I pride myself on my optimism, that the world is a place worth living in, and that the very idea that the world will end soon is an insane and moronic belief that every generation has held in perpetuity. So hearing some folks sarcastically rap-sing about that very fear and in the craziness inherent to the perpetrators of said paranoia, is satisfying. Also, you get to watch a bunch of shadowy dudes work out in a basement, inter-cut with all sorts of 80’s VHS footage of guns and shit. Because that stuff is actually scary.