LISTEN: Anwar Sadat – Obedience

Are you ready for some Football! A Monday Night Par-Tay! Sing that in your head, but then imagine that Bocephus went that hard for Anwar Sadat and then you’ll know how riled up we are to hear their newest single, “Obedience.” Part of their upcoming EP, which is due out on December 2nd, this track is evidence that we’re all going to have a very rowdy Christmas. Have you ever wanted to punch this shit out of a Christmas Tree? Well, put on this track and bring the goddamned thunder like that tree stole your lunch money in high school. Because it fucking did, and you know it.

Anyways, this track shows what to my ears sounds like a previous unheard restraint, with the band slowing it down -just a little mind you- and really digging into their groove. The pacing here is a bit less breakneck, although no less intense, calling to mind the best of The Jesus Lizard or Crain, visceral and muscular. So get stoked to go hard at Christmas and do it now. Boss Hog style.